Establishing a autoradio USB Connection

Confused about connecting your phone’s autoradio to your car’s stereo? One of the best and easiest ways of establishing that connection is by using a USB cable to do the job. It will give you superior quality and you can tune into your choice of autoradio easily.

Steps for establishing a autoradio USB connection

Step 1:Check your car’s audio system for a USB port and make sure that it supports it as well. Make sure that the USB cable you are going to use is compatible with your phone. If not, you will need to change the cable to one that supports the cell phone.

Step 2:Connect one end of your USB cable to the car’s stereo, and connect the other end to your cell phone. Once you have made that connection, you will see a notification appear regarding the connectivity.

Step 3: When you see the USB icon appear on the phone, open your notification bar and select the ‘USB connected’ notice.

Step 4: You can now establish the connection between your car’s stereo and the SD card of your phone that will come in handy if you would like to use an audio source already stored on your cell phone.

Step 5: Your car’s stereo has the option of bonding to different stations and ports. Select the USB port connection on your stereo to establish the final connection.

Step 6: Choose the autoradio app that you would like to play, and the music will be played through the speakers of the car. You can choose whatever you may like from your phone and play it on your stereo.

Alternative way

If your car’s audio system is a bit outdated and it does not support a USB port, you will have to look for an alternate way to establish that connection. This other way will require a third device that will act as the intermediary between your stereo and your cell phone’s autoradio.

Step 1: Choose a autoradio USB adapter for your car. There are many available in the market and you can choose the best one you like.

Step 2: Connect the adapter to the lighter plug in your car. Once you have done so, it will form a bond with your car.

Step 3: Match the frequency of your adapter with the frequency of your car’s stereo. This will form and further strengthen the connection between your car and the adapter, allowing it to comply with your instructions.

Step 4: Connect the USB cable to the autoradio USB adapter. After that, attach the other side of the cable to your cell phone.

Step 5: Choose the right settings on your phone. This will allow you to establish the connection between your phone and the stereo.

Step 6: Play your song. Choose the autoradio station that you would like to listen to and crank up the volume to enjoy the music.

Don’t be discouraged when you want to play your phone’s autoradio on your car’s stereo. There are many ways that you can make a connection between the two and listen to your favorite song.