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Designed specifically for your vehicle, this model will fit perfectly into your dashboard. Easy installation and connection thanks to the original connector provided.

Find your way easily with its 3D GPS function, while quietly listening to radio or audio content through its various media, namely: USB, SD card, its CD and DVD player or its internal memory of 16GB. All of these media can also be used to play video content.

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Its bluetooth will allow you to call safely without any action on your phone. The car radio is able to retrieve all your contacts and call log, it also has a digital keyboard and the keys stall hang up. You can also listen to your music from your smartphone via the car radio via the audiostreaming function.

But it allows you to go even further thanks to its built-in WIFI and since it runs Android, you will have the same possibilities as an android tablet or smartphone on your car radio: surf ingon the net via google chrome for example or download and download and install android apps such as WAZE, GOOGLE MAP, napster, deezer, facebook and many more…

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