CarPlay Radio Buying Guide 2019: Models to ride in your car

CarPlay Radio

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CarPlay Radio Buying Guide: When driving, it is essential to have our 5 senses on the road. The slightest distraction can lead to an unpleasant or dangerous, even deadly, situation. The main culprit for the carelessness behind the wheel is the mobile phone, and more since they have an internet connection and WhatsApp messages keep coming. More and more cars include systems so that we can control some moneyhack functions of the Smartphone through the steering wheel or the on-board computer, without having to manipulate the terminal itself. One of them is Apple’s CarPlay Radio. If you have an iPhone but your car doesn’t come with CarPlay Radio as standard you don’t have to worry about. There are radios compatible with this system that can be installed on many vehicle models. Let’s explain in depth what CarPlay is and what options there are in the European market.

What is CarPlay Radio?

CarPlay Radio allows you to play the contents of your iPhone on your car screen using an interface very similar to that of iOS. You only have to connect your smartphone to the vehicle wirelessly or by Lightning cable to be able to control some functions by steering wheel or voice using the Siri assistant. The apps car radio cd Player we use most often are “anchored” to a side dock to always have them at hand, next to a home button that allows us to exit them. All notifications appear at the top of the screen. The main apps that will appear are the ones that come by default on our iPhone like Phone, Apple Maps, Messages, Clock, Podcasts, Music and audiobooks from iBooks. But you can also access other third-party apps like WhatsApp, Waze or Google Maps (which have available from iOS 12), Overcast, Spotify, Prime Music or Tidal, TuneIn Radio, among others. Although it seems counterproductive that some instant messaging apps like WhatsApp can be used with CarPlay Radio, the content of the messages does not appear but is Siri who reads them and gives the possibility to respond them with the voice, as with the Messages and Imessage.

Ways to have CarPlay in your car

To be able to enjoy CarPlay we need two things: an iPhone and a car. Virtually all iPhones are compatible with CarPlay Radio. You don’t need a relatively new model, as any model after the iPhone 5 (this one inclusive, released in 2012) allows you to use this system. The key is that you have Lightning connector and not the 30-pin connector present on iPhone 4s or earlier. IPods or iPads are also not useful. Regarding the Autoradio GPS Android 9 Volkswagen VW Touareg, there are more and more manufacturers that include CarPlay Radio, being one of the main advertising claims. Apple, on its website, offers a list of more than 400 compatible vehicles, specifying that its system comes standard or as an option on many new models from 2016 and later, and that some homes have updated the older car software so that Work.

If your car does not have CarPlay Radio as standard and cannot be added by update, don’t worry, the solution is not to buy a new one, but to buy a compatible radio. There are several manufacturers such as Sony, Pioneer and Alpine that offer equipment with this system for a price of around 250-300 euros (or more depending on the model). Most coach spokes of this type have 2-DIN format dimensions, although there are some that fit in sizes more contained when deployed from the dashboard itself. Unfortunately, not all CarPlay Radios available on the market are officially sold in Spain, arriving within our borders a smaller but equally interesting catalog and varied enough with different options to choose from.

Radios compatible with CarPlay Radio for sale in Europ

  • Kenwood Electronics DMX7017BTS
  • Alpine iLX-702D
  • Sony XAV-AX1000
  • Alpine iLX-F903D
  • Kenwood Electronics DMX7018DABS
  • JVC KW-M745DBT

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