Install a car radio: This is how it mounts and disassembles properly!

install a car radio

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The car radio is today much more than the old two-button receiver of yesteryear. Today’s CarPlay Radio have to offer a variety of additional comfort features and extras, which models that are assembled as standard are not fully fulfilled. Therefore, many customers often tend to change installed appliances from manufacturing to other models. However, many mistakes can be made. In this guide we will explain what you will need to consider when instal a car radio.

What a car radio has to offer today

The built-in radio function is today a very small part of all the functionalities offered by these traditional devices today. The ability to connect your smartphone to the post radio GPS has today of special importance. With a sync the car radio is turned into a hands-free device or a convenient navigation system. It should be added that this connection today is wireless, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Current radios generally have a remote control system from fabrication. This is usually integrated into the steering wheel. Driving the radio through the steering wheel is very practical and also increases safety: The driver does not have to let go of the steering wheel and can keep an eye on the road. However, transferring this feature to another radio is a challenge.

What do you need to install your high-tech car stereo 2019?

Before changing the car radio, you should be clear which model to install. The market offers a large number of devices with different functions, depending on the price category chosen.

In the case of some technologies, it should be aware that manufacturers are no longer as invested in research and development. The compact disc is therefore considered, after 30 years on the market, an extinguishing medium. Instructions for changing the car radioLike the old cassette player, the CD players will also disappear slowly from the market.

Instead of investing in this outdated technology, it is advisable to pay attention to the radio having a USB port. Also Bluetooth is today standard which is also expected on the most economical car radio models. A USB connection allows you to connect an external hard drive. The radio should be able to play all audio formats or at least MP3 and WAV. However, there are also several other formats.

La sincronización entre la radio del coche y el disco duro puede ser complicado a veces. Aquí solo ayuda un asesoramiento exhaustivo antes de comprar.

Uninstall the old car radio

Before buying a new radio, it is advisable to Uninstall the old Autoradio. So you can see the connections that the new one should have. If the desired radio is not available with the necessary contacts, do not sulfide. Specialized commerce offers the right adapter for each combination. It is therefore appropriate to bring the old radio to the consultation.

Once the desired radio has been found with all the necessary adapters, you can return home quietly. It is very annoying to realize in the assembly that the new car radio and the old contacts fit. However, this can only be seen well, if the device can be accessed well, that is, only if it is mounted with a cover frame and a standard size gap. Disassembling the old radio is usually quite simple.

You will need the following tools:

  • 1 x screwdriver
  • Unlocking the old radio
  • Universal pliers, if necessary

Wrap the tip of the detonator with some adhesive tape or insulation. The car radio cover frame is then disassembled. To do this simply pry with the screwdriver. Be very careful. The frame can be easily split. Insulating tape should prevent possible scratches.
You’ll need the unlock keys from the old radio. If you no longer have them, go to a specialized workshop. A specialist will do it in the blink of an eye for a small price of five euros.
In some models the disassembly of the autoradio can be quite complex. VAG vehicles have long had a special locking system. On the larger VW and Audi radios, the release keys are placed not laterally but at two points determined between the switches. If you don’t know how to continue, check out Youtube. There you will find the proper disassembly manual for any car radio.
Car radio accessoriesTo assemble and disassemble a standard hollow radius, generally, there is no need to disconnect the battery. Simply remove the ignition key. As long as you do not intend to connect new cables, there is no risk of short-circuiting or confusing cables. However, if the radio is not installed in a standard slot, the entire central lining must be normally disassembled.

Switches may also have to be removed here. In this case, disconnect the battery. Disassembling the liner can be very complicated. Often not only are they placed but also screwed at many points. Proceed carefully or seek appropriate repair instructions for your vehicle.

Install the new car radio

Car radio with navigationNew car radios are always sold with the right mounting frame. Therefore, the old frame must be removed first. If possible, only use adapters to connect the new radio to old contacts. As layo you should avoid connecting new cables in existing contacts. The risk of serious damage to modern vehicles is too great. However, take photos of the contacts before disassembling the radio. This way you’ll have a help to orient yourself.

The new radio must offer the following connection possibilities:

  • Contact for speakers
  • Contact for the steering wheel
  • Remote control, if applicable.

On VW and OPEL factory radios, the permanent ignition and ignition contacts are often placed differently than on the re-equipping radios. With the function on permanently, the radio can also be turned on, even if the ignition key has been removed. With the power function this does not work. In addition, a radio that separates from the on-board current may lose its individual configuration whenever the key is removed.

Then the internal memory is erased as well as all stations and possibly the time/date. The configuration has to be repeated. To avoid this, the wiring must not be manipulated either. Individual flat contacts can be changed on the adapter pin. To do this, you usually only have to change the red and yellow wires.

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