When you want to feel a maximum of pleasure and comfort on the roads, the car radio becomes indispensable. This one offers options that will surely suit the needs of the driver as the passenger.
A device in the SERVICE of the driver
At the wheel, safety is a priority. Along the way, the driver can be distracted for example by a phone call. But with the info french autoradio gps car radio it is possible to avoid this kind of situation. Indeed, the post is able to connect to the phone by Bluetooth and transfer the calls in Handsfree mode.
When you venture into the unknown paths, you may find it difficult to regain our bearings. However, the radio station has a well up-to-date GPS system that allows you to know all the roads in advance. The GPS system can be associated with other support options such as Waze, or even TMC. It should also be known that the car station can be coupled to other devices such as an on-board dashcam or a back-up radar. These are of great use when driving and maneuvering.
GPS car
A tool for passengers
For their part, the passengers are not left out because the car radio allows them to entertain themselves at the same time as the driver uses the assistance functions. In addition to FM radio, the position offers a wide variety of tools designed to make everyone happy. The followers of the multimedia content will be fully satisfied with the compatibility of the position in all formats. Audio or video file can easily be read whether it comes from a USB stick, a memory card or an iPod. For fans of streaming, the multimedia radio offers the possibility to browse the Web, whether by Wifi or, better still, with a key 3 G. In some cases, you can enjoy digital TV on the radio station.
Choosing the right position
The choice of the radio station depends on several criteria. In the first step the compatibility of the device with the vehicle is to be considered. Then it is better to make sure that its dimensions can fit perfectly inside the dashboard. Secondly, it is necessary to verify that the connections are consistent. Usually the connections are in ISO, which simplifies the connection. Then you have to consider the options to be included in the position. Depending on the preferences, you can choose a device with Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, digital TV, Mirrorlink, etc.